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Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

CAS stands for ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies’ and is an electronic record that the UK education establishments (Tier 4 Sponsors) produce for the Home Office and it is required for your Tier 4 visa application.


Tier 4 sponsors must ensure that Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CASs) are assigned in accordance with the Tier 4 requirements set by the Home Office and as such they will not:

  • issue a CAS where the course the applicant/student intends to study will not comply with Tier 4 requirements (e.g. part-time study, work placement constitutes more than 50% of the course duration)

  • issue a CAS for a course that does not represent academic progression if the student is continuing their studies in the UK

  • issue a CAS if it does not believe the student will successfully complete their course by the course end date, or if it does not believe the student intends and is able to follow the course of study

  • Tier 4 sponsors will only issue a CAS to students where it is believed that the visa application will be successful. If there are reasonable grounds for suspecting otherwise (e.g. that insufficient funds are held) the sponsor reserves the right not to issue a CAS.

  • If there are any reasons to believe that an applicant/student will not comply with the conditions of their Tier 4 leave (e.g. intention to work more than 20 hours per week) CAS will not be issued 

  • If an applicant/student has submitted documents which are proven or suspected to be fraudulent the Sponsor will not issue a CAS

  • The issuing of a CAS is at the education establishment’s discretion and they reserve the right not to issue a CAS when it is not considered that the applicant will have time to make a successful visa application before their course start date


The education establishment produces a CAS number and statement, listing the information that has been sent to the UK Visas and Immigration Department. This is prerequisite for the Tier 4 visa applications including the following information:

  • CAS number
  • Start and end date of your course
  • University or College Sponsor License Number
  • University or College Sponsor License Address
  • Address of primary site of study
  • Original qualification certificates or transcripts
  • Confirmation that your course represents academic progress if already in the UK
  • Confirmation of your English Language ability
  • Fees for your course
  • Fees already paid
  • Student name as it appears on passport
  • Passport number
  • Scholarship information if applicable

International students are required to include original qualifications - not photocopies - and if not in English they must have translations that meet the Home Office criteria. If you are continuing an existing course at your present Univerity of College you will not normally need to include certificates for our qualifications. Students also need to pay a deposit to the University or College before CAS is generated. 

PICKUK is here to help you throughout the CAS process. Please contact us​​​​​​​ for further information.