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PICKUK is a significant provider of face to face, consecutive and telephone interpreting services for the private and public sector, charitable organisations and legal firms.  Our professional team of experts hold DPSI and CCI certifications awarded by Institute of Linguists and Ascentis and specialise in Public Service Interpreting for speakers of over 25 languages including Arabic, Farsi and Spanish speakers.

Good linguists know they should go well beyond the literal translation of words, focusing on the right fit between translator and client and delivering exact, accurate interpretation of the written and spoken language. We endeavour to make life easy for our clients and offer best practice advice and guidance, take ownership, and produce high quality work.

We know the importance of accurate interpreting and translation. A less than perfect job implies risks to personal liberty and protection in legal matters, to sales and brand reputation in business as well as in other fields. Translation and interpreting are skills in which cultural understanding, sensitivity and knowledge of the subject are key to delivering any document or conversation with absolute accuracy of communication.

As holders of Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and Ascentis certificates in Translation and Community Interpreting our linguists have undergone rigorous preparation and combined their training with the assignments they have undertaken in various fields. They have studied and are familiar with theories behind interpreting and translation protocols.

When it comes to bridging the language gap and ‘bringing the two worlds together’, interpreting live conversations demands some unique talents. Our expert linguists work with speed, clarity and a strong understanding of the flow and emotions behind the discussions.

Whether it is a legal consultation, hospital appointment, meeting with local authorities or an interview with the job centre our interpreters will ensure key information is communicated correctly and without confusion.

Consecutive Interpreting

We provide clients with reliable and punctual interpreters who are experts in their languages and facilitate two-way communication between them and outside organisations and bodies consistently deliver the highest quality language specialists for our clients in public services and legal domains.

We use a trained team of professional linguists to meet the demands of our clients in many areas of life and work and also have a select number of linguists highly proficient in Arabic (various dialects and regions), Farsi and Spanish. Our service is fast and accurate, with no compromise made between speed and accuracy.

Public Service Interpreting

As well as working with Immigration Solicitors, PICKUK undertakes assignments in

  • Education
  • National Health Service
  • Mental Health, Education
  • Social Services
  • Welfare
  • Diplomatic Service
  • British Red Cross
  • Local Councils

Telephone Interpreting

In the case of an urgent interpreting need or important language misunderstandings we can provide you with an efficient telephone interpreting service at short notice.​​​​​​​ 


PICKUK can translate your educational and academic documents into English for universities, colleges, educational institutions and public/private employers in United Kingdom. We can also help you with: 

  • Birth certificates
  • Immigration documents
  • Marriage documents
  • Employment documents
  • Adoption documents

​​​​​​​Academic Translation

You will usually be asked by your chosen UK education establishment to provide transcripts of your academic record to support your application. Transcripts should provide full details of the degree class and grades you received in each unit or module.

If these documents are not in English they should be accompanied by a formal certified translation into English provided either by the awarding institution or a sworn translator who may self-certify the translation. 

Normally if your translation is not provided by the awarding institution the academic establishment will also ask you to provide: confirmation from the translator or translation company that it is an accurate translation of the original document the date of the translation the full name and signature of the translator or of an authorised official of the translation company the translator or translation company's contact details

Business Translation

Our business translators are fully fluent with all terminology used by the business and financial sectors. Our team includes only fully qualified translators who are fully trained and have a great deal of experience working in their chosen field of expertise. This guarantees that you will receive the most accurate translation when you work with us.

IT Translation

With over 20 years combined experience in IT and linguistics some of our key stakeholders can also provide precision of translation and knowledge of all the terminology used in IT documentation making PICKUK one of the best choices to translate IT related scripts. Such documents can include: software manuals, assessment reports, security documents and user acceptance testing instructions.

Certified Translations

Certified translations are translations which are legalised for official use. They are signed by the translator (producing a “sworn” translation), are stamped with a unique agency stamp and are sealed to ensure they are not tampered with after certification. Certification of a document ensures that it will be accepted by any UK government institution or similar official or legal body. Our partners can certify any document for use in the United Kingdom.

You will need to certify your translation if it is to be used for any legal, official or civil purposes. We will guarantee that any translation certified by us will be accepted by any UK government institution or commercial organisation.

We can provide this translation and certification service to documents in many languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, French, Spanish and Polish normally returned to you within 48 hours. We can advise you on the level of certification you require for your unique circumstances. ​​​​​​​

Our focussed and efficient service is evident in our serious approach to the importance of our work. Our team of experienced interpreters and translators have worked in the sectors in which they specialise and strive to deliver an excellent service to both our customers and clients.

As with many professions, our clients are protected by vigorous non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and our interpreters are bound by the rules of impartiality and our Professional Code of Practice.